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CODEworks Terms of reference

What is CODEworks? CODEworks is the meeting (and the group) of paid community development workers from the whole of the Wakefield District. The group meets every 2 months (the ‘odd’ months of the year i.e. January, March, May, July, September, November). The meetings are always on the second Tuesday of the month and commence at 9:30am and finish at lunch time (between 12 and 12:30). The venue changes in accordance with where there is a free space at low or no cost. There is no fee to join. The only structure is a mailing list and word of mouth. There are occasionally sub groups of volunteers from CODE who meet to plan the forthcoming session or who are pursuing an issue for the group. There is no hierarchy.

Community Development is concerned with issues of powerlessness, disadvantage and exclusion. It seeks to provide the opportunity for all members of society to be involved in a practice that is part of a process of social and personal change. The Community Development process is collective but the experience of the process enhances the integrity, skills, knowledge and experience as well as equality of power for each individual involved. Community Development seeks to enable communities and individuals to grow and change according to their own needs and priories and at their own pace. Community Development should seek to provide the opportunity for all members of society to challenge the attitudes and practices that discriminate against people or destroy the natural environment. Community Development takes place on both neighbourhoods and within communities of interest. Community Development gets the proactive and responsive involvement of people in the issues that affect their lives. Community Development is about people working together for community led democratic action. Community Development is a process, which encourages participatory democracy. Community Development aims to encourage sharing and to create structures that enable genuine participation and involvement. Community Development will not work in ways that oppress other individuals, groups or communities. Community Development supports joint work between government and people.

Groundrules for CODEworks:  To keep confidentiality when requested.  Respect for each other  Challenge constructively.  Listen to each other.  Strive to be constructive rather than destructive.  There’s no such thing as a silly question.  Keep to time and task.  Share responsibilities.  Represent yourself (not your organisation)  Be inclusive not exclusive with new members.  Adhere to aims and objectives.

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