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Across the Wakefield, South East and Five Towns areas, a network of Breastfeeding Support Groups are available, with the aim of supporting and promoting breastfeeding within the community. We advocate and strongly support new mums to breastfeed for as long as they are able and happy to do so.

Are You: Thinking about breastfeeding? Doing well? Having problems? Starting? Stopping? Let us share our experiences!! The Breastfeeding Support Groups are run by mothers for mothers, with professional support and assistance from Midwives and Health Visitors.

We offer: ** Telephone support for local mums ** One to One visits at home from Midwives and Health Visitors with extensive breastfeeding knowledge and experience ** Weekly groups where breastfeeding mums get a chance to meet other mums and share their experiences and support each other ** Support and advice at antenatal classes ** Volunteering opportunities for mums with breastfeeding experience who wish to support others **

contact : Shelly Gascoigne/Rachel Hauser/Marilyn Gedhill
Tel : 01977722215/665709

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