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Why Breastfeed Your Baby

Whether you breastfeed your baby once, one day, one week, one month or a year you can be proud of the benefits you give him or her. Reasons to be proud:

Just one feed helps to stabilise baby’s blood sugars and provides a first immunisation.

After 6 weeks your baby has half the risk of chest infections now and until he is 7 years old.

After 2 months your baby will have lower risk of food allergies when he reaches 3 years of age.

After 4 months your baby has half the risk of ear infections, is 5 times less likely to go into hospital with diarrhoea, has a reduced risk of asthma and the protection continues for the next six years.

After 6 months your baby has a lower risk of eczema until she is 6 years old.

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