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Links to sites with Breastfeeding information

Association of Breastfeeding Mothers
Founded in 1980 the ABM is a charity run by mothers for mothers, committed to giving friendly support and supplying accurate information to all women wishing to breastfeed. Has information around breastfeeding at different ages.

Australian breastfeeding association
A wide ranging website with plenty of information on the importance of breastfeeding, milk supply, dealing with problems and special situations.

Baby Milk Action
A non-profit organisation which works within a global network to strengthen independent, transparent and effective controls on the marketing of the baby feeding industry.

Express yourself Mums
The ultimate one-stop shop for breastfeeding and expressing mums and the healthcare professionals who support them, with its unique mix of articles by international experts and its inspiring product ranges from leading brands.

Breastfeeding Network
Aims to be an independent source of support and information for breastfeeding women and others. Provides information on breastfeeding, a range of online leaflets and access to a support line and support centres

UNICEF Baby Friendly
Provides information on the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative is working with your health services to improve the care and support they provide. Has pages for parents, on training and access to latest news and research

The Mothers Milk Marketing Board
The mothers Milk Marketing Board is run by a work

The Way Nature Intended - petition
Site to promote the mother's right to breastfeed in public places without discrimination. It is campaigning for legislation to be passed to protect the rights of breastfeeding mothers to nurse their children where ever bottle feeding is permitted

International Baby Food Action Network
IBFAN consists of public interest groups working around the world to reduce infant and young child morbidity and mortality and aims to improve the health and well being of babies and young children, their mothers and their families

Yummy Mummy
Sexy and funky underwear for breastfeeding women

National Childbirth Trust
Are a leading charity for pregnancy, birth and parenting in the UK and offering relevant information, reassurance and mutual support. The NCT is run by parents for parents and provides a range of quality educational and support services for parents

Lollipop Reusable Nappies
Lollipop offer a wide range of reusable nappies which you can purchase online. Alternatively use the website to find out about your nearest advisor who can arrange a no obligation, free demonstration of all the nappies available.

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