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Computer Aided Braille Production

Producing Braille is the aim of the Braille Guild.

Technology is playing its part in Braille production and Braille Guild now has the use of new embossing machines. They produce excellent quality Braille dots and are much quicker in doing so. Along with our current software, production is changing in this digital age. Used with a PC they can produce embossed pages as a printer produces pages of text.

Why bother to learn the Code? All our work is proofread before being bound for the Braille reader. The proof reader needs to know the language.

So if technology is your area of interest, you can still help others in producing Braille.

A new project has been launched to add braille on self adhesive plastic to young children's print books so that the blind child can read the braille while an adult can read the text. This has proved a great success and many books are now available for early learners.

We also transcribe books, ie fiction, biography etc. on request.

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