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Using Technology

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Braille Guild holds classes at the following venues:- Girnhill Lane Social Club (Corra)in Featherstone on Monday evening 7-8.30 pm. Green Lane Bungalows, Featherstone, Wednesday Morning 10-11.30 am, Castleford Community Learning Centre, Thursday Morning from 10-11.30 am.

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To produce perfect Braille transcribers need to understand the Braille Code.

Like any other language it has to be learned. All students learn using the RNIB Braille Primer, sets of exercises to build up the knowledge of the Braille Code and the rules, and a Perkins embossing machine.(Pictured above) On finishing the Primer, when the student is ready, there is an internal test to prove their proficiency. The rate of progress is entirely up to the student, no pressure to complete within a time limit is put on to the learning process.

As a Registered Charity, Braille Guild is funded by donations and there are no charges made on the student for the time or equipment.

If you are interested in learning the Braille Code with a view to transcribing for local Braille readers, please make contact by email to brailleguild72@gmail.com and someone will get in touch.