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Baby Viking

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BABY VIKING aims to be the Yorkshire- wide arts and music self-help networking group for amateur artists, story-writers, poets, musicians, photographers, film-makers and other creative people who want to be 'well connected'. NOTE: I hope that BABY VIKING will eventually become a co- op in which all proceeds are shared by willing Baby Viking volunteers. Arts networking isn't just for privileged, and here's the proof!

Sometimes, it's true that 'It's not what you know. WHO you know.'.... They also say 'There's strength in numbers'! You don't have to meet famous people to change your life. It certainly never hurts to be well-known as part of a recognised group if you want your work to be promoted by councils, charities, or in your museum or library. THE MORE PEOPLE JOIN, THE LOUDER YOUR VOICE CAN BECOME!....The really great thing about Baby Viking is that you've the chance meet people outside your local area, and meet people who do either the same or different kinds of work from you - BUT to present your work as part of one supportive group. There ARE social groups for the arts, but some of them are aimed only at graduates or professionals. If you feel left out of those sorts of groups, Baby Viking is one way to beat them at their own game!

BEBO is a social networking site. If you're not on Bebo, don't worry. There's information on there about similar pages on Facebook, Yahoo!, Twitter and Linkedin. The Yahoo! page is useful if you wan to join the e-mail group. Or you can phone or e- mail for more information.

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Tel : 07564 7217211
Email : babyvikingonline@yahoo.com
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