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Lyndseys Story

I first head about the Awake Project through my specialist and she nominated me. At first I dismissed it, thinking it was not something I could do. I did not really know what to expect, as I had never heard of anyone having a mentor.

I have met new people who I would now call my friends. I have learned things about myself. I have been able to face some of my “demons” and deal with them positively.

I hope to help my mentee to the best of my ability and possible help myself with some of my own issues. I think the programme will help both of us with trust and confidence. Also to hopefully improve our standard and quality of life.

On my way to my first mentor meeting, I felt apprehensive about the unknown. I also had some doubts as to whether or not I would be able to achieve what I was now trained to do. After our first meeting I had a clearer picture of what to aim towards and more confident that by doing my job as a mentor, I hopefully given time, could change my mentees outlook on life and help her get back some the life skills she has lost.

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