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In Guides, girls are encouraged to plan their own evening events and therefore have the choice to take part in a great choice of activities including:

Crafts: craft kits, art and design, candle making, card making, embroidery, knitting, quilling, origami, decoupage, embossing, beading, music, performing arts,

Skills: cooking, knotting, first aid, map reading, navigation, orienteering, survival, healthy lifestyles, party planning, communication, fire safety, personal safety, team leader and player, camping,

Games and Sports: skipping, scavenges, hiking, parachute games, ball games, chase games, agility,

Awards and Challenges: Activity Badges, Go for it challenges, Baden Powell Challenge, Queen’s Guide Award, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award,

Trips and Camping : evening, day and longer trips and holidays are occasionally organised where the girls are given an opportunity to get away from their usual settings, and explore and experience difference environments and meet other guides

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