How to Start a New Business in Wakefield

Wakefield is a great place of historical importance as well as natural beauty. It is a place for tourist attractions which can create opportunities for a creative business to grow. All you need to do is follow the right steps while establishing your business, Here is an easy guide to starting your 3win2u business in Wakefield.

Come up with a plan

You should have a business plan that you can find suitable for the market that you are approaching. Know that Wakefield is mostly a tourist place and the type of business that you open should target along with the residents if you want to make maximum profits. Then you need to build your idea and find out what all is necessary to build your plan.



You need to contact the authority to get public liability insurance for your business. If you need a staff of employees, you will need insurance for them too. Check if the business insurance that you are getting includes the insurance for everything in your business, including the vehicles that you will be using.


You will need to register your business on the UK government business website. By registering, you will let the authority know that you are starting a business. You can take the help of a business accountant to know which business plan will suit you the best.

Business cards

Create business cards and get them distributed in the nearby markets as well as the residents, so people know about your brand new business. You can create a website of your own to let the tourists know that they can expect to see you during their visit. Make sure to make a user-friendly website which is easy to access.



The VAT is meant for the business which reaches a certain level of turnover per year. If you are planning on opening a small business, then you may not need to have a VAT account. But if you are planning big, then you must have a VAT registration to avoid any questions in the future. The value for VAT changes during the budget announcements. Find out the value for it and register when possible. You can volunteer to register for VAT as it will help you to claim back the VAT on all purchases. Always charge VAT on your customers.

Take the help

Take the help of advisors and support groups to know about the community you are planning to establish your business under. Get to know the people and businesses around you. Find out if you have made the right choice and how soon can you expect to grow your profits. Browse government and business websites to get as much information as you can and choose the right bank thorough research if you are planning to take a loan.


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